Apprenticeship planning


This calculator has been designed to support the workforce planning of apprentices and allow you to calculate the cost of training apprentices. YYou will be able to explore different delivery models and pay bands and generate a forecast of salary costs during the training period for a set number of apprentices. You can also establish how many apprentices you can afford with a defined budget. Calculations will also illustrate how much of the salary cost will be for supernumerary time, dependent on the delivery model.


By inputting either a budget or the number of apprentices you wish to train you will be able to compare the cost of training apprentices with variables including pay band, duration of the apprenticeship and the amount of supernumerary time required. You will be able to input up to 3 different scenarios and compare them side by side to aid in decisions over apprenticeship pay or what delivery models to use. The illustration of supernumerary costs can also be used to estimate the cost of an existing staff member using an apprenticeship for development.


The information produced by this calculator is for illustration purposes only and organisations are advised to work with their finance colleagues to confirm that the assumptions made in the calculations are an accurate representation of your organisation’s information. Organisations are also advised to work with their HR colleagues and union colleagues when agreeing pay and terms and conditions to ensure you are compliant with the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service.

Background Data

Calculations made through this calculator are based on the following assumptions:

  • All costings include on-costs which have been calculated at 24% and added to the salary costs which are used to create these comparisons; if individual organisations use different percentages to estimate on-costs, this will need to be considered outside of the comparison provided by this tool.
  • Calculations are based on a fixed point of a salary band and do not take into account potential cost of living pay increases or movement to a different spinal point.